Altuzarra_Shoe-Display (1).jpg

Altuzarra Showroom And office
new york nY


The Altuzarra showroom is a monochromatic environment of a bone color that hovers between gray and flesh tones. This custom color wraps  walls, floors, and furniture, emulating both the subversive and fiercely feminine nature of the Altuzarra brand. The space and its furniture recede into the background while shoes and handbags on diagonal oil-rubbed bronze columns lift up in to the foreground to present the designs. Working together with interior designer Ryan Korban, we transformed the Altuzarra showroom and studio into a tactile and flexible environment.  

Joseph Altuzarra identifies his brand in four words: french, american, ethnic, and sexy. With that in mind, we selected materials that want to be touched and combined them with stoic metals that will naturally patina over time. Natural brass accents were added to shine against the bronze and call one’s attention to the finishing details of the garments.

The showroom is adjacent to offices for the design, press, and marketing departments. The layout was reorganized to dedicate a level of separation between departments while maintaining the spatial understanding of a large open studio. This was achieved by designing furniture elements that are not full height allowing the full ceiling to be always visible. We maximized the function of the showroom with the addition of a large movable wall rack. This object can either provide an additional backdrop for a fixture clusters  or divide the showroom into meeting spaces.