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Beneath - Artists Space
 New York NY


Founded in 1972, Artists Space has contributed to changing the institutional and economic landscape for contemporary art in New York City - lending support to emerging ideas and emerging artists alike.

Today, Artists Space has designated one room in its gallery space as an architecture gallery.  Organized as a mentor related program, established architects identify  emerging designers to exhibit their work in the gallery.  In 2002, LOT/EK’s founders, Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, nominated Freecell.

Excited by the opportunity to exhibit our ideas to the public, we decided to construct a full-scale installation that visitors could occupy; eliminating any need for scale or communication translation of architectural principles: scale, proportion, and depth

Volumes are set into a surface.  This surface and its supporting structural system create various spaces and levels for participants to explore.  A relationship of open space to its structure is exemplified; the simple sustained by the complex.  

Use of the spaces, both within and beneath the constructed surface, is implied rather than explicit to encourage participants to imagine possible activities. Private and collective experiences are created through the proportion and location of the spaces.