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Boffo - Linda Farrow


Explore a kaleidoscope of fractured color where multitudes of reflections create a microcosm of worlds. This is the stage set to present Linda Farrow and 18k. Prismatic light separates to reflect setting sun orange against a clear glass vitrines reaching out into the center stage. Inside these polychromatic refractions is a pair of delicately suspended LF frames.

Enter the environment to conjure the experience of donning a pair of LF glasses. Be transported into a new reality, one full of color and excitement. Strongly cast shadows create a heavy and dramatic network of shapes. Amidst the theatrical lighting hovers shards of vibrant gradients of color.
Suspended as backdrops, the bright surfaces enliven each frame style with an individual atmosphere. As one moves through the space, the scene transitions, colors shift perspective. Find yourself, find your frames, then see yourself against the gradient sky with a new attitude.
Held away from the dark infrastructure, the gradient surfaces are separate from the industrial shipping container. The monochromatic network of rods reach out passing through the painted scene and into the crystal.

Lenses change how we see the world, fashion changes how the world sees us. Luxury is juxtaposed against industrial. In the interior, the colored sets are suspended within the scope of the container. The exterior surface is chromed allowing the volume to disappear. The corrugated sides reflect the context as three worlds sliced together.

Conceived as clusters (backdrop, vitrines, and supporting rods) are bolted and installed separately from the other clusters. This will aide in fabrication methods and also in setup on site by avoiding complicated seaming, alignments, or other layout complications.