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Harrison and Star
New York NY


We were brought on to address issues of clutter, disorganization, and disorientation among the seven floors clogging this healthcare graphic firm's productivity.

H&S acquired different floors over time as the company grew and as they became available. This brought inherited problems with the existing conditions from the previous tenants and a reliance on the main building circulation rather than internal stairs. In order to unify look and feel of the various floors, we implemented a simple graphic system with a lower band of color navigating the variations of gypsum and glass with paint and vinyl decals.

Additionally, we straightened circulation paths, lowered partition walls, and created shared spaces for meetings in the same location on each floor so that visitors could quickly understand where they were and where to go.  Lastly, we tackled storage as a design opportunity, grouping compact file areas, opening up the kitchenettes and printer areas, and eliminating the corner piling of odd office objects.  This strategy opened and brightened the space, transforming the collective floors into highly desirable working environments.