WEST 21st In this recently completed Chelsea apartment tower by Fosters + Partners, we collaborated with the interior designer Ryan Korban to refine and transform the interior surfaces and built-ins, crafting an intensely rich space.

DAVIDOVICH BAGEL Two years after designing the first Davidovich Bagel Shop in Essex Market, we had the opportunity to re-envision the bakery and create their second shop in Chelsea Market.

A showroom is in deference to the clothing and accessories it is displaying. A vanilla box won’t do, it must have attitude expressing with geometries, colors, and materials a personality.

MADISON SQUARE PARK The two thousand, five hundred square foot apartment needed a major redesign of the kitchen and bath, as well as, major updating of colors and materials throughout. The existing materials consisted of tan stone and colored glass tile.

ALTUZARRA SHOWROOM & OFFICE The Altuzarra showroom is a monochromatic environment of a bone color that hovers between gray and flesh tones. This custom color wraps walls, floors, and furniture, emulating both the subversive and fiercely feminine nature of the Altuzarra brand.

SCAPE LANDSCAPE STUDIO The renowned landscape architecture studio, Scape, asked us to design their new offices. We provided custom desk, worktable, pin-up, and storage pieces allowing them to have clustered office seating along the window wall with flexible work tables in the middle of the space for impromptu meetings and production of model and large-scale drawings.

REMSEN STREET The scope for this apartment included a new kitchen, renovated dining room and living room with new floors throughout. Built in 1928 in Brooklyn Heights, this 11-story building was designed by the prolific architect H.I.Feldman and has a unique arched Romanesque portico and facade.

BALTIC STREET We were invited by a couple to tune their newly acquired apartment in Park Slope.  Previously, we had worked with them on their Downtown Brooklyn apartment, so this gave us a chance to both rethink and reinvent.  They asked us to help furnish the spaces and we specified furniture, rugs, and lights.