beachwood canyon residence


A 1920s house, which is reported to have hosted many storied Hollywood parties when the house was dressed in Spanish Colonial Revival, stands on the last lot of a narrow cul-de-sac in Beachwood Canyon. The parties moved to a new venue, and a painter steadfastly inhabited the house for 40 years. By 2009, the house, well beyond its prime and like many L.A. residents, underwent significant cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. The house’s makeover was performed by a contractor who not only endowed the house with a more youthful appearance but also plagued the house with unnatural imbalances. Our intended goal was to mitigate the damage and unify the spaces making the house feel like a stylish, one-of-a-kind home for its next inhabitant, a D.J./Producer.

Large sleek sofas now fill the living room, elegant tables provide a grey and black aesthetic for the dining room and kitchen, and large-format tiles cover the ground floor. In the custom kitchen, we laminated the walls with graphic encaustic tiles, built black-stained wood cabinets, and created terrazzo-slab countertops. The house also boasts two recording studios. We designed the primary studio with acoustic specialist, Chris Owens, to function as a fully working studio and relaxing space for writing and composing. A two-dimensional acoustic wall tapestry above the built-in sofa creates an intimate lounge area for writers and composers, and a three-dimensional ceiling treatment in the technical work area maintains a clean and open area.