THOMPSON STREET TOWNHOUSE A hundred-year old building sits at the corner of Thompson St and Grand St in SoHo. Constructed when there were horse-drawn carriages and an elevated IRT train atop West Broadway, this structure has been subjected to various alterations over the years.

PARK SLOPE BROWNSTONE Two rookies ventured to purchase and renovate a brownstone that had been unoccupied for over 10 years.  The clients asked us to push the limits of the building by extending it outward and upward.  

WEST 21st In this recently completed Chelsea apartment tower by Fosters + Partners, we collaborated with the interior designer Ryan Korban to refine and transform the interior surfaces and built-ins, crafting an intensely rich space.

REMSEN STREET The scope for this apartment included a new kitchen, renovated dining room and living room with new floors throughout. Built in 1928 in Brooklyn Heights, this 11-story building was designed by the prolific architect H.I.Feldman and has a unique arched Romanesque portico and facade.

SILVER LAKE RESIDENCE Los Angeles based music producer transformed his Silverlake hillside duplex into a light filled upper level house and music studio below. Simple changes to the existing floor plan radically transformed the house.

MADISON SQUARE PARK The two thousand, five hundred square foot apartment needed a major redesign of the kitchen and bath, as well as, major updating of colors and materials throughout. The existing materials consisted of tan stone and colored glass tile.

BALTIC STREET We were invited by a couple to tune their newly acquired apartment in Park Slope.  Previously, we had worked with them on their Downtown Brooklyn apartment, so this gave us a chance to both rethink and reinvent.  They asked us to help furnish the spaces and we specified furniture, rugs, and lights.

BEACHWOOD CANYON RESIDENCE Large sleek sofas now fill the living room, elegant tables provide a grey and black aesthetic for the dining room and kitchen, and large-format tiles cover the ground floor. In the custom kitchen, we laminated the walls with graphic encaustic tiles, built black-stained wood cabinets, and created terrazzo-slab countertops. The house also boasts two recording studios.