A hundred-year old building sits at the corner of Thompson St and Grand St in SoHo. Constructed when there were horse-drawn carriages and an elevated IRT train atop West Broadway, this structure has been subjected to various alterations over the years.

WEFAD is focussed around the redevelopment of the former Phillips Baker Rubber Company building, with its earliest structure dating back to the 1890’s. Stripping the structure of its later appendages, the building is presented to be cleaned, restored, and re-energized with many of it’s original window openings restored while accentuating a few new ones.

ENSEMBLE The vision for the Miami Beach Rotunda is to create a performing arts space that erodes the division between performer and viewer to create a holistically activated and flexible space.

SILVER LAKE RESIDENCE Los Angeles based pop music producer transformed his Silverlake hillside duplex into a light filled upper level house and music studio below. Simple changes to the existing floor plan radically transformed the house.

SUNSET PARK SHOPSHARE New York is part of the new manufacturing economy and the newest frontier is Sunset Park; Freecell was asked to envision a building that optimizes its organization to suit the incoming high tech entrepreneurs.

ANONYMIZED ARCHIVE Ground is occupied, modified, and reconfigured over time. Cyclically, civilization discovers, cultivates, builds, discards, and then discovers again. In the adjacent archaeological site of the Ietonian Gates, artifacts and structure were unearthed.