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crosby street apartment
New York NY


The apartment is located within a loft building in the Soho Cast Iron District, built in 1901. The structure reflects the typical configuration of an open facade used to illuminate a columnless interior, where the material innovation of the a cast iron facade allows for rich ornamentation and unprecedented large apertures. Prefabricated in foundries, cast iron was more economical than stone and more slender in mass than wood.  This innovation, visible throughout Soho, was historically significant to the commercial development allowing the upper floors to be used as manufacturing lofts.  

The building has been a live/work studio since the 1970s.  We were asked to clarify the interior with new room layouts and finishes.  We repointed and painted the brick bearing wall, added marble and new fixtures to the bathrooms, but the greatest enhancement was adding and enlarging windows.  These supplemental windows make the deep interior feel brighter and more open.