Miami FL


The vision for the Miami Beach Rotunda is to create a performing arts space that erodes the division between performer and viewer to create a holistically activated and flexible space.

The spatial intervention of an undulating perimeter wall, pushes out the performer and pulls in the viewer, and puts both participants on stage.

The repetitive and sinuous curves of the wall entices the occupant to continuously move through the space. At the same time, the push-pull of the wall creates pockets of space where one can pause, and inhabit the wall either for viewing or performing or even exhibiting work.

The flexibility and charge of the intervention makes the entire space a stage -- no matter if the performance occurs along the perimeter mezzanine level or within the large open central space. Intimacy and proximity are central to making this performance space a unique experience. Viewers watching from the perimeter balconies, are pushed out onto the stage, again reinforcing a boundaryless performance space. Conversely, viewers watching from the central interior space, are pulled into the perimeter balconies to feel as if on stage.

At a smaller scale, the pattern of the concrete formwork mimics the push-pull of the overall form, while the curtain, at yet another scale, is the third element to reinforce the concept. The curtain, however, is a dynamic element that also allows for play between the performer and viewer intentionally flip-flopping the use of the perimeter and interior spaces, questioning if you are behind or in front of the curtain? And who is performing?