Light & Air
Raleigh NC


Freecell collaborated with Tak Cheung to create Light & Air which will be on view at Artspace in Raleigh, NC from September 24 to October 29.  We created five new works that explore space, occupation, and interaction.  With micro-controllers and physical computing, the work actions lights, audio, and kinetics to interact with the visitor. 

In Night to Day a faceted polygon hangs in space. Duck inside and lights project the dynamic course of the day’s light, from dawn to bright sky, to a lightning storm, and finally sunset.  The next work, Lightwall, presents an array of lamps arranged on a dark wall. The lights are all off but as one approaches, getting closer and closer, the lights get brighter and brighter, as when Icarus flies too close to the sun. Pneumatic Expansion is a series of deflated volumes that hang in space. Blow into the wind sensor and the air-blower is activated with the volumes becoming taut and inflated.  The Infinity Box has two states: the first presents a gray cube with a spotlight shining on it.  The second, activated when approached, lights a polyhedron on the inside.  Now with the spotlight off and the light from inside on, the two-way mirror becomes transparent revealing an infinite wolrd of LED points bouncing off six reflective faces. Sound Painting presents itself as an abstract colorfield painting, but when it is touched sounds of rain, wind, and ice are heard.