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Stack to Fold - SFMOMA
San Francisco CA


Freecell was commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to design and produce a piece for the exhibition entitled The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now at SFMOMA which was open from November 8, 2008, to February 8, 2009. Stack to Fold responds to our interest in issues of interpretation and function. It is constructed from corrugated cardboard sheets and consists of four flat patterns that, when folded, allow people to construct their own environment. The patterns are die-cut and printed with graphic illustrations to instruct the user during assembly. Museum visitors were invited to construct multiples of these four elements.

The primary elements can be combined in prescribed ways to create specific functional furniture, such as a bench or table. However, the objects, which consist of related geometric joints, can be connected in other combinations, as per the imagination of the participant. These interpreted assemblies will create abstract spatial situations in the gallery for visitors to occupy.